Jerawat Hilang Seketika? #StorieTalent

Is this the next big thing? Somebymi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum❤❤ . Honest review! Watch till the end of the video to see how my skin progressed after using this product for 14 days . To begin with, my skin has lots of acne scars and I've been desling with them for long, enlarged pores and whiteheads. This product claimed it can fix your skin texture by reducing pore size & fix acne scars. I also had thought that this product would be sticky since it's snail extract but as you can see on the video it's consistency is very thin and absorbs easily, unlike how snail products are. . After 14 days of usage my skin had improved alot! It now appears brigther and my pore size has reduced alot, and also I no longer have that much acne scars like in the beginning of the video❤❤😭🎉 . #somebymi #somebymisnailtruecica @somebymi #tampilcantik #rahasiacantik #beautytips #skincaretips #videomakeup
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  • 5 Januari 2020, 18:15
    buat kulit sensitive bisa gk y kak?
  • 4 Januari 2020, 11:45
    kak kulitku gampang jerawatan tapi udh ga jerawatan tinggal bekasnya , jerawatku munculnya juga jarang ? apa gapap pake ini?